Wednesday, July 28, 2010

School Paper Organizers

I saw this idea on another blog and loved it (sorry I can't remember which one). She took the file boxes and just tied a cute ribbon around them, used vinyl to put the childs name on them and loaded them with file folders, one for each school year. When the kids bring home cute projects, report cards, awards, etc. they simply get filed in the correct folder! What a great idea to keep all those things organized and saved for the kids!

Checkers & Craft Sale

I got on a crafty streak again. I decided to make a checkers and tic-tac-toe game to put in our camping trailer. I sewed the gameboards with fabric, used wooden disc for the game pieces and then made the crowns, X's and O's for the pieces out of vinyl. They turned out so cute and were so fun to make that I ended up making several extras just for fun.

It was so successful, my mind is already getting ready for next year!!

Business Signs

Travel Treat Boxes

My awesome neighbor and friend showed me her idea for giving her kids treats when they traveled. I thought it was an incredible idea, so I copied it for my kids. They are made out of Bead Organizer Containers. I put their names on the front in vinyl, and then you fill each container with a little treat. When we go on trips and vacations, they get to be responsible for their own treat bucket. They can eat it as fast or as slow as they want, but it never refills during the trip :-)


I hosted a clock party at my house this past winter. I sent out invitations and took orders for custom clocks. When they arrived, all their supplies were ready for them. They painted the clocks, applied the vinyl, put the mechanism in and left with a finished project! Not to mention we had a good time with friends and yummy treats to top off the's a few of the finished clocks.