Sunday, October 27, 2013

Miscellaneous Projects

Here's a few other things I've worked on lately:

My sister needed a banner for her daughters school science fair...I guess she was in charge of helping decorate the gym.

My nephew finished his student teaching and wanted to give his mentor teacher a mug with a Superman Logo on it--supposedly he is a huge fan...

And my daughter had a birthday party to go to, so we made a cute little headband out of fabric to add to her gift.  Of course I can't just make one, I had to make 3 more for my girls too.  This picture doesn't do them justice...they turned out so cute and are reversible so it's really like have 2 different headbands!  It was a fun, easy and quick project!

I told my kids this year that they had to be creative and come up with Halloween costumes using things we already had at home.  One of my kids decided they wanted to be a bank robber.  We had black sweats, a beanie cap, an eye mask and then she wanted a money bag.  I sat down and stitched this bag up the other day, put an iron-on vinyl dollar sign and now she is ready to go.  And she will just use the bag as her treat bag on Halloween night.

Reclaim My Garage

Wow, we sure do have a lot of stuff.  We are a very active family and have a wide variety of sporting and camping equipment.  It was overflowing the garage.  I finally decided to reclaim my garage.  I ordered some stadium lockers (one for each us) to store all our sporting equipment in (I'm still waiting for those to arrive).  All the camping gear got relocated to the shed.  But my favorite part so far has been the painting and vinylizing. 

Since I'm putting lockers in and storing sporting equipment I naturally thought of a locker room, so I decided to use some of my Alma Mater vinyl to decorate the garage. 

We painted the garage white, gray and on the beams a navy blue.  Then I cut out some Utah State vinyl and attached it to the wall.  It really does make a difference to have the garage painted.  It looks much bigger, lighter and way more finished! 

I am excited to get the lockers here so I can have a finished project (and I'm sure my husband would love to be able to park his truck in the garage again too!)

Update:  The lockers are amazing!  We each have our own locker.  We fill it will all our own sporting equipment/life jackets/helmets, etc.  On the top of each one is a laundry basket full of winter coats/snow pants/ski boots, etc.  It was one of the best purchases ever!!

Halloween Stitching Project

I saw this mini quilt holder one time at a nursing home and I just loved the idea of making a little quilt block display, so my amazing Mom ordered me one!  Since it was October I decided to make a Halloween block.

I found a coloring page online that I liked.  I imported into my Silhouette program, traced around it and then used a disappearing pen to trace it onto my fabric.


I then colored and stitched around my lines, and then sprayed water on it to make the blue lines disappear.  And then for the best part--I gave it to my sister to finish it.  She put the cute Halloween fabric around the edges and then quilted it with her machine...She is AMAZING at quilting! 

I just loved how it turned out!

Super Hero Capes

Last for Christmas we gave my 4 year old nephew a Super Hero Kit.  It was a huge hit.  I had a Tupperware that I vinylized on the outside.  I was able to pick up some Super Hero things for dirt cheap one time that I included, like a Captain America shield.  I also included a flashlight that I covered with a vinyl bat cutout for a Batman light.  But my favorite things I included are these adorable Reversible Super Hero Capes!

I just cut out 2 pieces of fabric.  Stitched them together and used Velcro to attach around the neck.  I then designed the logos and used iron-on vinyl for those. (I included 4 capes.  Batman is on one side, Robin on the other.)   I love how they turned out!  I wish I would have taken some action shots of Korver at the Christmas party.  He loved it and kept going back to his box to try on a new cape!  Such a fun present to give!

(Even my 4 year old daughter loved modeling them--maybe I should've made a Wonder Woman Cape too!)