Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chalk Painted Bed

After painting the two nightstands, my older daughter, wanted me to paint her bed.  This bed frame is the one I had growing up.  It was plain medium brown wood.  Nothing exciting, nothing fancy.  I started out strong with the painting but had a little mishap after the first coat.  I went out and tried to open up my chalk paint bottle and it was painted shut!

Funny story...this chalk paint was in a normal mason jar.  I spent weeks trying to figure out how to open the bottle.  I looked for ideas on cutting the glass, I ran all these ideas by my husband, but he wasn't too excited about soaking a string in lighter fluid, setting it on fire, and running it under cold water hoping it would break nicely, or similar suggestions.  After weeks of this, my husband remembered he had a cousin that does windows and glass for a living.  He took my little jar of paint into him and asked him if he could cut the glass.  He explained that he couldn't because you score the glass on one side, and then tap it from the other side, so it just wouldn't work.  But after that he got a smile on his face and asked my husband why he hadn't just punched some hole in the top of the lid so it could be poured it out!  Hum...why didn't we think of that during the last several weeks! :-)

So after weeks of having her bed sitting in the garage, half painted, my daughter finally got her bed back!  She loves it and it looks great!  The chalk paint that I bought at Pixxie Stixs in Brigham is the was so easy to use, went on great and dirtied up really well.  Thanks for the tips Karen!