Monday, November 5, 2012

Temporary Tatoos

I thought I'd give a shot at making temporary tatoos for my sons Orange Crush Baseball team.  It was so fun.  I took the orange crush logo and photoshopped out the orange slices and put in a baseball.  They turned out super cute and so fun...the boys loved them.

Getting Ready For DisneyLand!

We were able to go on an extended family vacation to Disneyland this fall.  To get ready I thought it would be fun to have matching shirts for my kiddos.  I had so much fun making them, and I have to admit with 21 little kids 11 years old and younger in a group, it was nice to have all my kids in the same color...I could easily pick them out and do head count checks.  My kids loved their new shirts and that made it so we didn't even have to buy an expensive Disney shirt while we were there...bonus!

 For the girls.

 For my boy.

The Thing shirts were a big hit.  Not only are they bright and easy to head count check with, but I was shocked to see how many other vacationers would start to count and see if they could count all the things.  So funny how many comments we received on these ones.

The boy shirts and the thing shirts were made with iron-on printable vinyl.  I just found the graphics, printed them on my ink-jet printer and used my machine to cut around the design, and then iron-on.

The girls shirts, I cut the Mickey Mouse silhouette out of fabric with my machine and used wonder under to apply it to the shirts and then I stiched around the edges.  The stripes and bow are just ribbon sewed onto the shirt.  The black shirts are made with iron on rhinestones...they turned out amazing and what girl doesn't like a little sparkle?

Wow--A Craft Room!

This summer--I reached my limit and had had enough!  My craft space was out of control.  I should've taken a before picture...but sadly I didn't.  One day after trying to make it in to my 2x2 foot square of open floor space, I lost it.  I started carrying everything out of the room.  After everything was out my daughter exclaimed "All that was in your craft room!"  Yes it was time to dejunk.  But that's not all, I started ripping out closet doors and shelves and carpet.  Ok, I didn't rip it out, but I did go shopping and brought home all the supplies for new flooring and insisted that my amazing husband start demolishing!  He was amazing and didn't even complain...within weeks my small 9x10 foot room was reorganized and is so much nicer.  I could live in that room now!
 This was taken before my countertop came in.  I have a beautiful quartz slab, that lays across my vinyl cabinents to make a desk.  It looks amazing!
 I took out all the shelving and closet doors.  I put a couple of floating shelves for a few mini fabric bolts and my sewing desk fits perfectly in the closet, with some larger pieces of fabric on the desk shelf.  Yes this would never work for someone who actually sews and has oodles of fabric like my Mom or sisters, but for me it is perfect!
I went home to visit my parents one weekend, and told them I was redoing my craft room and explained what I wanted and needed in a vinyl cabinent.  After a day of thinking and planning, my dad and I were on our way to Home Depot to get the supplies.  My dad built these amazing cabinents that make up my desk and store all of the my rolls of vinyl perfectly.  Thank you so much dad for helping me and thank you to my mom for dealing with the kids while we spent the day in the garage!  My Mom and Dad really are so talented!
Oh and I found the picture with the desk--love it!
My husband then helped me hang shelves and a couple upper cabinents to store more supplies and after getting rid of a bunch and reorganizing a bunch more, everything has its' place and I absolutely love being organized again!

Summer Fun

This is the first year that we didn't do our craft sale.  We did have an amazing summer though.  After all the vacations and traveling, we spent one weekend at home having a cousin campout!  We invited the older cousins over and played all night.  We had a slip and slide "kid" wash (thank you Family Fun Magazine for the great idea), we grilled outside, decorated notebooks with decorative tape, roasted miniature marshmallows over candles and made mini smores with mini fudge striped cookies, and watch a movie in the back yard with the projector and large screen.  I wish I would've taken more pictures, but I just didn't :-(  It really was so much fun, and the kids loved being able to sleep in tents with their cousins!  Here is the amazing "kid wash"

Cookies For Cancer

My neice Alyssa is a cancer survivor!  This summer she decided to host a Cookies for Cancer Bake Sale.  She asked me to do the signs.  She picked the colors and I had a blast making this banner and sign for her stand.

She is an amazing cook and an amazing girl!  She had delicious cookies and baked goods...and people could donate whatever amount they wanted.  So awesome.  She made the newpaper and the morning news show...I'll have to try and find the link and add it here.  But what a great cause and a great way to give back.  I sure do love you Alyssa!

Baby Onesies

My cute neice was expecting her first daughter. Her mom lives across the country, so she enlisted all of us sisters to throw her daughter a baby shower.  We decided to do a crafting baby shower.  Everyone who came got to make a onesie, or a hair bow, or a burp cloth to give to Heather.  I had fun making lots of hair bows (even if Mom thought my flower choices were too big).  But I also wanted to make some onesies.  These are the onesies I came up with:
This one I made a stencil out of vinyl, and then my daughter painted it in layers.  I have to admit, it's kind of fun to have a girl old enough to want to craft and do a good job...I'm just not sure I'm ready to share my supplies!

This one turned out sooo cute.  It's heat transfer vinyl, two colors, layered over each other.

The cupcake I cut out of fabric and just stitched it on.  So cute!  Too bad I wasn't this crafty when I had little babies :-)

Bottle Cap Necklaces and Earrings

My daughter had so much fun making these bottlecaps for her volleyball team.  She ended up putting them on a zipper pull.

 Then with a group of friends she made a whole bunch of bottlecap earrings and necklaces and donated them to Project Valentine--a group that puts gift packages together for cancer patients that are going through treatments at the hospital.
All of them turned out super cute and unique and all the girls loved making them.  A super easy and fun crafts for kids!

Homemade Game Pack

Wow--has it really been two year!  My crazy life has gotten in the way.  I wanted to catch up and post a few of my favorite projects the last two years.  Around Christmas time my sister-in-law participates in the festival of trees in memory of her sweet little Drew.  Every year, I have been able to donate a little something to auction off.  One year I made a clock.  This past Christmas I made a Game Pack.  It was so fun to make.  I actually made two of everything, and I put the extra in our camping trailer.  The kiddos love to play them!
 Hi-Ho Cherry-O:  I found this darling cherry fabric on clearance at Walmart!  Gotta love that!  The cherries are buttons with the shank cut off, and the dice is a wooden block.  I included 4 individual mats, so you can have 4 players.
 Backgammon:  I don't know how many people actually know this game, but for me it has always been a family favorite.  My dad would teach us how to play and it was one of the few games he enjoyed playing with us.  Only one problem...once you beat him...he wouldn't play with you any more :-)  Love ya daddy!  My mom actually made one of these boards first, and I stole the idea from her.  I used heat transfer vinyl for the triangles and buttons for the moving pieces.

 Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe:  Need I say anything more?  Two classics that everyone can play!
 My Travel Car Playmat:  I already posted about that.
 Sticky Fingers:  I can't remember where I saw this idea, but it is just gloves, with a wiffle ball covered in sticky back velcro.  I also made a hat version--so much fun!
 Memory Match:  Just wooden discs, two stamped with the same graphic to play memory match.  This one is the Christmas version, but I also did a summer version, a beach one, an animal one.  Basically any stamps you have on hand would be super cute.  You could also cut vinyl shapes for them too...but the stamping was fast and fun and cute.
Here's the finished Game Pack.  I don't know who ended up with it, but I hope they thought it was as fun and I did, and I hope their kids enjoy playing with the games.