Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Travel Car Playmats

I am so excited for this post! This is an idea that has been floating around in my mind for quite some time and I'm so excited that I finally have a finished product. I wanted to make a travel size car playmat. One that had pockets to store the hot wheel size cars and a road to drive on. I chatted with my Mom about perhaps sewing and applique, but that was much too difficult for me. Then I got one of my supply catalogs in the mail and noticed they had iron on vinyl....my mind started working hard. I told my very talented friend about my idea and asked her if she would draw the graphic for me. She did an amazing job. I cut all the clip art part on my vinyl cutter and ironed it on the fabric. I sewed a black pocked on the left side as the "parking lot". The cars just drive right in and out.

And then it folds in half and rolls up and is secured nice and neat with elastic.

Now I just need to make a few more for my cute little nephews for Christmas! How fun it that!

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  1. The travel playmate is so cute! And I didn't realize you had a blog as well as your website. I'm adding it to my favorites! Love ya!