Monday, November 5, 2012

Homemade Game Pack

Wow--has it really been two year!  My crazy life has gotten in the way.  I wanted to catch up and post a few of my favorite projects the last two years.  Around Christmas time my sister-in-law participates in the festival of trees in memory of her sweet little Drew.  Every year, I have been able to donate a little something to auction off.  One year I made a clock.  This past Christmas I made a Game Pack.  It was so fun to make.  I actually made two of everything, and I put the extra in our camping trailer.  The kiddos love to play them!
 Hi-Ho Cherry-O:  I found this darling cherry fabric on clearance at Walmart!  Gotta love that!  The cherries are buttons with the shank cut off, and the dice is a wooden block.  I included 4 individual mats, so you can have 4 players.
 Backgammon:  I don't know how many people actually know this game, but for me it has always been a family favorite.  My dad would teach us how to play and it was one of the few games he enjoyed playing with us.  Only one problem...once you beat him...he wouldn't play with you any more :-)  Love ya daddy!  My mom actually made one of these boards first, and I stole the idea from her.  I used heat transfer vinyl for the triangles and buttons for the moving pieces.

 Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe:  Need I say anything more?  Two classics that everyone can play!
 My Travel Car Playmat:  I already posted about that.
 Sticky Fingers:  I can't remember where I saw this idea, but it is just gloves, with a wiffle ball covered in sticky back velcro.  I also made a hat version--so much fun!
 Memory Match:  Just wooden discs, two stamped with the same graphic to play memory match.  This one is the Christmas version, but I also did a summer version, a beach one, an animal one.  Basically any stamps you have on hand would be super cute.  You could also cut vinyl shapes for them too...but the stamping was fast and fun and cute.
Here's the finished Game Pack.  I don't know who ended up with it, but I hope they thought it was as fun and I did, and I hope their kids enjoy playing with the games.

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