Monday, November 5, 2012

Wow--A Craft Room!

This summer--I reached my limit and had had enough!  My craft space was out of control.  I should've taken a before picture...but sadly I didn't.  One day after trying to make it in to my 2x2 foot square of open floor space, I lost it.  I started carrying everything out of the room.  After everything was out my daughter exclaimed "All that was in your craft room!"  Yes it was time to dejunk.  But that's not all, I started ripping out closet doors and shelves and carpet.  Ok, I didn't rip it out, but I did go shopping and brought home all the supplies for new flooring and insisted that my amazing husband start demolishing!  He was amazing and didn't even complain...within weeks my small 9x10 foot room was reorganized and is so much nicer.  I could live in that room now!
 This was taken before my countertop came in.  I have a beautiful quartz slab, that lays across my vinyl cabinents to make a desk.  It looks amazing!
 I took out all the shelving and closet doors.  I put a couple of floating shelves for a few mini fabric bolts and my sewing desk fits perfectly in the closet, with some larger pieces of fabric on the desk shelf.  Yes this would never work for someone who actually sews and has oodles of fabric like my Mom or sisters, but for me it is perfect!
I went home to visit my parents one weekend, and told them I was redoing my craft room and explained what I wanted and needed in a vinyl cabinent.  After a day of thinking and planning, my dad and I were on our way to Home Depot to get the supplies.  My dad built these amazing cabinents that make up my desk and store all of the my rolls of vinyl perfectly.  Thank you so much dad for helping me and thank you to my mom for dealing with the kids while we spent the day in the garage!  My Mom and Dad really are so talented!
Oh and I found the picture with the desk--love it!
My husband then helped me hang shelves and a couple upper cabinents to store more supplies and after getting rid of a bunch and reorganizing a bunch more, everything has its' place and I absolutely love being organized again!

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