Sunday, October 27, 2013

Super Hero Capes

Last for Christmas we gave my 4 year old nephew a Super Hero Kit.  It was a huge hit.  I had a Tupperware that I vinylized on the outside.  I was able to pick up some Super Hero things for dirt cheap one time that I included, like a Captain America shield.  I also included a flashlight that I covered with a vinyl bat cutout for a Batman light.  But my favorite things I included are these adorable Reversible Super Hero Capes!

I just cut out 2 pieces of fabric.  Stitched them together and used Velcro to attach around the neck.  I then designed the logos and used iron-on vinyl for those. (I included 4 capes.  Batman is on one side, Robin on the other.)   I love how they turned out!  I wish I would have taken some action shots of Korver at the Christmas party.  He loved it and kept going back to his box to try on a new cape!  Such a fun present to give!

(Even my 4 year old daughter loved modeling them--maybe I should've made a Wonder Woman Cape too!)

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