Sunday, October 27, 2013

Miscellaneous Projects

Here's a few other things I've worked on lately:

My sister needed a banner for her daughters school science fair...I guess she was in charge of helping decorate the gym.

My nephew finished his student teaching and wanted to give his mentor teacher a mug with a Superman Logo on it--supposedly he is a huge fan...

And my daughter had a birthday party to go to, so we made a cute little headband out of fabric to add to her gift.  Of course I can't just make one, I had to make 3 more for my girls too.  This picture doesn't do them justice...they turned out so cute and are reversible so it's really like have 2 different headbands!  It was a fun, easy and quick project!

I told my kids this year that they had to be creative and come up with Halloween costumes using things we already had at home.  One of my kids decided they wanted to be a bank robber.  We had black sweats, a beanie cap, an eye mask and then she wanted a money bag.  I sat down and stitched this bag up the other day, put an iron-on vinyl dollar sign and now she is ready to go.  And she will just use the bag as her treat bag on Halloween night.

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